Biolumic · UV LED Lamp



This interesting project was completed for Palmerston North company BioLumic. Their UV technology delivers ultraviolet light to seeds and seedlings. This triggers biological mechanisms that then increase plant growth, vigour and yield. The new lamp design was manufactured in New Zealand and has been applied firstly in Spain.

We provided comprehensive options for how the new LED lamp could be constructed. Major considerations included coping with heat and water. The lamp is situated in a hot house, where water spray jets are in daily use. So waterproofing is required. Secondly, due to the high wattage output, suitable heat dissipation for the lamp itself was crucial to keeping the lamps internal temperature con- strained.

The design uses aluminum for heat transfer. Thickened walls act as heat sinks and ducting to help transfer heat to multiple, integrated cooling fins. The final design is a fully sealed unit, vented with Gore Vents that allow the casing to breathe and equalise pressure. An aluminum extrusion die was commissioned with Ullrich Aluminum, with machining and anodising being completed by Contex Engineering and assembly at Gallagher and BioLumic.