Michael Woods

Michael Woods

Michael Woods is a New Zealander, trained in South Australia in industrial design, graduating in 1983. In a career spanning more than 35 years he has been continuously connected to the world of developing ideas, concepts, drawings, and turning intangible into reality. He has worked as a professional designer in design offices in Adelaide, Auckland, Christchurch, Melbourne, and Singapore.

What we do. As designers we continue what man has done for thousands of years. Create new.

I enjoy the legacy of connection with early world designers and architects. In common with early creative people we still need to be capable of imagining the future, and thinking through just what could be. Like them we start with drawn ideas using basic materials such as pencil and paper. However I am differentially fortunate to have at my disposal what is really quite incredible equipment for realising new design work. The most sophisticated mankind has ever had.

In this now more modern world we talk, draw up ideas, photograph, make models, measure, define. We are interested in the power of an idea and the high level realisation of that using state of the art technology.

What is interesting about a Designer's role is working on an extensive range of project types. Yesterday we modeled in automotive clay, a product itself as sophisticated as the product it seeks to define. Today we build a machine made from modern alloy. Tomorrow we begin the design of a poster for a witty play portraying some of the emotions and raw colour of human life.

Common to each task is the need for a creative mind and the application of a robust technical design system. That is what we focus on providing for each of our clients.


Marius Nabal

Marius Nabal

Since graduating in 1993 with a dual major in Information Systems and Financial Accounting graduate from Cape Town, South Africa, Marius has gained over 25 years experience in the IT field, as a developer, system analyst, consultant and manager in various parts of the world, including the UK, Germany and New Zealand.

Excelling at analytical and conceptual thinking, he has also developed his visually creative side - behind the lens and the drawing board - and has successfully completed numbers of professional photographic and graphic design assignments.

He is widely travelled and has a solid breadth of experience in the business world ranging from sole proprietor to large corporate. Marius communicates very well with clients, extracting their needs and communicating technical aspects.

Spyros Perris

Spyros Perris

Initially trained in a purely theoretical academic subject such as Economics, with a strong parallel interest for psychology and philosophy, he soon surrendered to the strong driving force responsible for the majority of the key decisions and actions taken throughout his life, namely aesthetics.

A true believer in the unlimited underlying potential of every human being, his efforts aim in thoroughly understanding peoples’ perspectives in order to achieve a solid realization of non concrete ideas and requests. Appreciating the benefits of being a good listener and engaging in fruitful communication, he focuses in solution oriented approaches.

With an experience of more than 20 years in IT projects for the public and private sector, he has developed an understanding of essential qualities that lead to successful project implementations. Attention to detail, team collaboration and versatility must be at play during the lifecycle of these projects that are characterized by several parameters not to be found in other fields.

Mainly interested in Information Architecture and front-end development, he tries to keep up in a constantly changing environment with the best practices and methodologies that come to life, following a trial end error approach to stimulate perception. He enjoys experimenting with new tools and methods that might produce alternative solutions and while he feels comfortable with a specified method of doing things he also believes that there are always many different paths to an end which are worth exploring.