Products completed include automotive, electronic, sports, and white-ware through to machinery design. Clients are multi-national through to SMC and start-up ventures. In recent years countries manufactured in, include, Australia, China, Germany, Hong-Kong, India, New Zealand, Singapore and Switzerland.

A Design Management System is used. Cross-platform disciplines are combined to produce a design team that can tackle a wide array of projects. For instance this may include electronic engineering with industrial design to provide the right team for the project in hand. Close collaboration with tooling companies and other associates is maintained. Work type includes:

Industrial Design, Product Design, Marketing, Imaging, Exhibition, Machine Design, Electronic Product, Ergonomics, Prototyping, Point of Purchase, Structural Packaging


We design visual communication material. This is used by our clients to explain what they sell and thereby build an 'awareness of existence'. This is the process of 'building a brand'. In an era of hyper-competition globally and locally, we need to communicate to potential customers with powerful imaging.

Our commitment to you is to provide an intelligent, creative input into your project. The result of this is qualified design work that supports your brand strategy. Work type includes:

Branding, Marketing Strategy, Letterheads, Business Cards, Brochures, Flyers, Posters, Trade Signage, Vehicle Signage, Annual Reports, Copywriting, Photography Direction, Packaging Design, Printing Requirements, Magazines, Book Design, CD Packaging


We combine two skills to work on website design. We utilise the skills of high-level programming in combination with graphic design to produce web sites that are both functional and unique. We use programmers up to Web Architect status. This means we can provide programmers for your site that are appropriate to your site complexity. We can work on complex financial transactional sites, with software application programming inserted, through, to simple sites. Web projects are indispensible elements in both brand strategy and client infrastructure. This means the usability of the site for customer operation should combine with imaging that supports a companies overall brand strategy. Work type includes:

Web Graphics, Web Design, Web Development, Content Management Systems, E-commerce Sites, Domain Registration, Domain Hosting, Custom Web Applications, Financial Transactions