Kiwo Honey · Web Architecture



The development of Kiwo Ltd. represents a major development project of two years standing. The project has numerous elements requiring design input from Branding through to Product Design.

The initial challenge was to design and build a packing plant, set up processing machinery, and modify all systems to work smoothly. Input of heating and cooling with temperature control was completed. Mechanical design work included cooling vats, stirring arms, temperature controlled heating and cooling. Packaging was designed to fit product, shipping pallets, and eventual customer storage at retail. Rapid assembly and non- tape solutions were provided for outer packaging.

Running parallel path with development of the manufacturing system has been the development of the Identity of Kiwo as a company. This work has included Branding and Web Architecture and Web programming. Once established, new branding has been extended to packaging design. Kiwo is working on distribution in both Asia and Europe. Cultures in these continents have quite different demands in terms of packaging design requirements, so design work has needed to evolve to meet the market.